Welcome to louk.design!

This is the platform that links your vision of style and designs to new markets, new clients and new opportunities. It is the best mix of fashion media, visual stories, selling platforms, and aggressive marketing. This is the easiest way to show your creativity to the world! Sell with louk.design for a great partnership that fulfills your vision with our enthusiasm to help you succeed and make money in the fashion industry! With that in mind, here are some instructions and it’s important that you understand our 5 basic louk.design commandments:

  1. Designs must be in mint condition
  2. We pledge quality material
  3. Attention to detail is vital
  4. louk.design only sells hi-end fashion items
  5. Our clients are fashion experts, we must exceed their expectations

Packing your pieces:

Please pack each of your items clean, carefully and individually in clear pouches.

Make sure you include the Product Description Standard Form inside facing out with all the information for easy reading and proper handling. IMPORTANT: The PDSF must have all the information required. This will be the description that will go online with your design. A detailed description is a better opportunity for sale!

Pack all of your pieces in a shippable sealed box for UPS, FEDEX, DHL, USPS or ESTAFETA.

Shipping your pieces:

louk.design will provide a shipping account number so you can send your designs to our headquarters. They will be received by our thorough quality control department that will be checking for stains, damages and poor quality items. No item will be shipped if it’s not in mint condition to be sold as new.

Once a piece is approved, it will be photographed and uploaded to louk.design with a full description and optimized for marketing in Google and social media.

Then, the fun starts!

After your designs start to sell, your profit will be automatically credited to the card on file. With louk.design you can focus on your creativity while we handle everything so you receive ASAP the payment agreed in your membership.