Louk Design

Louk design is an innovated and user-friendly webpage that not only allows customers to find creativity in their way of dressing but also allows fashion designers to promote their work to conquer new markets. Whether you are an emerging fashion designer or an established designer that wants to increase your visibility, cost saving and of course increase your sales, louk design is the perfect place.

We invite you to join us and take advantage of our new technology platform to keep pace with more demanding customers. As a louk partner, you will have peace of mind to focus on your designs and collections because we will be in charge of the administrative management. Now you can enjoy your passion in life and make money with your designs! louk design is the new global community of fresh and talented designers. This concept is the product of entrepreneur William Marcano who, since January 2018, has assembled a team of select professionals who comprise the Louk Design team.

This platform is the shopping alternative for the client who can not attend the big catwalks. Also, it is an alternative for the “novel” designer that has not to have that possibility. louk will offer to the designer what no other website currently offers: world-wide opportunities for designers to provide fresh trends and creativity to new consumers, and a dedicated staff with high-tech skills, excellent job quality, and high fashion industry knowledge. This platform provides the designer with all the infrastructure of a store giving him the freedom to focus on his pieces and elaboration without worry of inventory, shipping or customer service.

Louk design will be the new virtual gateway and its designers will have massive exposure through our digital spaces, louk Magazine, and our virtual store. Through membership, the designer receives different services that range from their own “dashboard” for the management of their designs to SEO Optimization and positioning in ads with economic support. louk Design is a new alternative for designers who want to position their pieces and gain recognition in the fashion world.


LOUK Organization Chart

President: William Marcano

Vice President: Felisary Marcano

VP Production: Guillermo Torres

VP Sales & Marketing: Felicia Nuñez

Development: SuburbanBuzz.com LLC

Ali Daher / Reliable Business and Taxes Serv.

Lawgistic / Juan Luna

Social Media / Shannon Richardson

Virtual Solutions /Rene Bahamonde



Carlota Alfaro

David Antonio

Sir William Marcano

Heriberto Vazquez

Guillermo Torres